Christmas: For your festive aperitif, enjoy a Caribbean Creole paste

Do you feel guilty about eating foie gras during the holidays? Why not opt ​​for the Creole paste? These small pies of puff pastry, garnished with meat and chilli, can be enjoyed as an aperitif for a 100% West Indian Christmas meal . Guadeloupean chef Jean-Rony Leriche, owner of a Caribbean gastronomy restaurant in Toulouse, offered to teach us the recipe.

Pepper and love

"First, we're going to go shopping," enthuses the (very) great chef, when we find him in the Rungis wholesale market, south of Paris. “For the Creole pâté you need: puff pastry, minced meat, chilli, onions, cive [new onions], parsley and of course, love, lots of love! explains Jean-Rony Leriche, who will soon be opening his second restaurant in Paris. For meat, you can opt for beef or pork.

Back in the kitchen where we cut the ingredients into VERY small pieces. “It takes a little time, but it's better, the chef encourages us. It will melt in your mouth and diffuse the flavors. » After about fifteen minutes of cooking, we eat the pâtés, accompanied by a red currant Ti Punch. It feels (almost) in the tropics.